Best Lawsuit Loan Company

Best Lawsuit Loan Companies

Why are we the best lawsuit funding company? Easy Approval, Higher Ethical Standards, 24 Hours or Same Day Approval, Lower Rates, No Hidden Fees, Better Terms, Cash Up to $100,000!

Don't be fooled by dishonest ads and fake reviews

We are the smart choice for injured accident victims and personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs who are searching for the best lawsuit loans.

Accident Claims Loan is committed to helping injured accident victims stay afloat during the claim process and win larger lawsuit settlements. We provide top notch service to lawsuit plaintiff client by providing them with Faster Approvals, Larger Accident Loans, and Lower Lawsuit Loans Rates.

All lawsuit funding company are not the same. Finding the best lawsuit funding companies in the United States can be time consuming and challenging because there are so many competing companies offering legal funding products. On this page, we will give you HONEST and STRAIGHTFORWARD tips in helping you find a lawsuit loan company that's right for your specific needs.

Faster Processing

24 Hour Funding! Accident Claims Loan offers same day or next day lawsuit funding. We believe we have one of the best lawsuit loans turn around time in the funding industry.

Full Service Provider

Lawsuit lending through the United States.  Accident Claim Loans is authorized to provide financial assistance to injury victims in approximately 45 States.

Direct Underwriters

No Middle Man. We are a direct lawsuit funding underwriting company. We do our own marketing and underwriting. What that means for you is Faster Funding and Better Service.

Experienced Underwriting

Experience matters. We believe that we have the best and most experienced team in the legal funding industry. We can underwrite and provide funding for many different types of injury cases.

Lower Costs

Some of the Best Lawsuit funding Rates! Our settlement funding usage rates are typically 2.5% to 3.25%. That makes our funding rates some of the best in the industry.

Best Customer Service

Respect and understanding. We know the settlement process is difficult & frustrating for injury plaintiff. The wait can be stressful. We give you the respect and attention you deserve.

Best Lawsuit Funding Companies

If you are searching for a lawsuit loan on your pending settlement, you probably need to borrow some cash now because you just can't wait until your case settles with the insurance company.

Accident lawsuits can take a long time to resolve. It's not uncommon for a injury case to take 2, even 3 years, to settle for a fair lawsuit settlement amount. During this lengthy process, many seriously injured accident victims find themselves experiencing cash flow problems and financial emergencies.

If you have a lawsuit pending, and are struggling to pay your bills and stay afloat, a lawsuit funding loan from Accident Claims Loan put cash in your hands NOW, while you are waiting for all the money you deserve from your lawsuit settlement.

We make the process fast and easy. After we get your application, we will contact your lawyer and gather some information. After we get the information from your law firm, we then quickly evaluate your case to determine the amount of your accident lawsuit loan.

A lawsuit loan is not a bank loan or traditional financing. There is no credit check involved and your credit history is not a factor in the lawsuit funding underwriting process. Eligibility and approval is based upon our analysis of your case.

The best thing about our lawsuit funding loans program is that you do not make any monthly payments and if you lose the case or do not win settlement money, you are not obligated to pay back the loan.

Accident Claims Loan is a national accident lawsuit loans company providing personal injury accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs with fast lawsuit loans and the lowest possible lawsuit loans rates. Our accident lawsuit loans have helped thousands of plaintiffs survive the long and stressful lawsuit process by putting money in their hands Now, while they are waiting for their lawsuit to settle for the best possible lawsuit settlement amount.

Our lawsuit funding company is authorized to provide accident lawsuit loans in almost 50 States. If you are looking for a lawsuit lender with the experience and financial resources to help you stay afloat while your case is dragging, you should fill out and submit your online application or call us toll free at 1-888-715-8701.

Why are we the best lawsuit loans lender?

When you go online and perform a Google, Bing, or Duck Duck Go internet search for best lawsuit loans companies," you will see many "lawsuit funding companies" "consumer reviews" in the search results. As you may have already realized, many of those results are actually paid ads (sponsored advertisement) and companies who pay for fake or false reviews. At our funding company, we don't do that.

We give you the real deal to help you make an informed decision as to which company you will ultimately choose as your lawsuit lender. Don't go by witty commercials, false promises, or fake 5 star review. Choose a company you can call and speak to a live person who can take the time to answer All of your questions and concerns with clarity.

We believe we are the best lawsuit funding company in the U.S., bar none. We offer injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs exceptional customer service. We will take this time to detail for you why you should make the smart choice and work with us.

Everyday, we receive calls from injury plaintiffs all across the U.S. who are searching for a loan on an accident case or injury lawsuit. A fair amount of those calls are people who have already taken an accident lawsuit loan from another company.

We constantly hear from people telling us about other lawsuit funding companies taking days or a week to get back to them with a decision on whether or not they were approved for the lawsuit loan.

We hear the lawsuit funding horror stories of people getting hit with high lawsuit loans rates.

We hear the lawsuit funding horror stories of people not being able to speak with a representative, even after leaving multiple messages.

We hear the lawsuit funding horror stories of other lawsuit funding companies being rude and disrespectful to their customer.

Accident Claims Loan is a different type of funding company. We have old fashioned customer service values where we believe:

The interest of the accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs comes first.

The Good Lawsuit Lending Companies vs The Bad Lawsuit Lenders

What separates the Best from the Rest:

  • Same day or next day approval time? How fast do you need the lawsuit accident cash advance? Some lawsuit funding can offer you 24 hour approval while others may take a few days, even up to a week. If getting money from your lawsuit fast is a great concern for you, then you go with a lawsuit loan company with guaranteed 24 hour approval on qualified cases. has the experience and resources to provide 24 hour or 1 day (business day) lawsuit loans. And, in certain situation, we can even do same day lawsuit funding.
  • Funding in your state? Not every lawsuit loans company provides funding all across America. Some lawsuit funding companies only provide funding in a single states, some in a few states, and some lawsuit funding companies provide legal funding all across America. is authorized to provide lawsuit loans in almost 50 States. We can provide funding to more people in the U.S.
  • Can you speak with someone who is experience? If you go to the hospital, you would expect to get help from someone with medical knowledge and experience? So when you call a lawsuit funding company, you should also expect to speak with someone with an expertise in lawsuit settlement funding. You don't need a customer service representative--You need someone with lawsuit underwriting expertise and litigation knowledge. Experience matters! has a very experienced and knowledgeable team. You can expect to speak with someone with litigation and liability experience.
  • Is your case eligible for funding? The next fact is often overlooked by many personal injury accident victims and even some attorneys. Some lawsuit loans companies will only provide funding to accident victims with significant injuries and big cases. So, if you have sustained a soft-tissue injury -- no broken bones or fractures -- you would not be eligible for funding. Many of the online advertised lawsuit funding companies do not have the experience or desire to help accident victims with soft tissue injuries. Knowing if your case qualifies from the beginning is important. That's why you need to work with the best lawsuit loans company that can give you a free telephone consultation to find out if you qualify for borrowing money against a lawsuit. is staffed and operated by lawsuit specialists. We can provide funding for most personal injury cases and injury lawsuits. We are lawsuit lending professional so we can tell you in 2 minutes whether or not your case is eligible and if we can probably help you.
  • Does the lawsuit lending company have the cash you need Now? A good lawsuit funding company knows how to evaluate all accident related injuries and all lawsuits, whether personal injury or commercial litigation. Evaluating or underwriting a case takes experience, knowledge, and diligence. A good funding company will offer your the most money possible based upon the merit of your legal claim. can offer injury claimants lawsuit loans up to $100,000.
  • Flexible and best lawsuit funding terms? The rate is only one factor in determining how much the lawsuit advance will cost you at the end of your case. Ask about all fees, charges, and costs so you will not be misled. Ask about all fees in getting a lawsuit loan advance. Don't be fooled by shady advertising. can offer you the best terms based upon an analysis of your case. We can tailor the terms of the funding agreement to give you the best lawsuit funding options.
  • Do you need a buy-out an existing lawsuit funding liens? What if you already got a lawsuit loan from another company and now need another loan on your lawsuit settlement? If you have already borrowed money from your pending lawsuit settlement and the lawsuit funder that gave you the lawsuit loan is unwilling or unable to provide you with another cash advance, you need to find a lawsuit lender who will buy or payoff the first loan and give your another round of funding--that's called a "buyout." There are some funding companies that do not do buy-outs and give additional accident lawsuit loans. If you already have a lawsuit loan and need more money, find out if the funding company does in fact do buy-out of prior funding. can consider buying out an existing lawsuit funding lien and providing new money to seriously injured accident victims.

Lawsuit funding loans are not for every accident victims. It is a tool that should be used carefully and wisely. If you or a loved one are searching for a company that is truly recognized as one of the best lawsuit loans companies in the U.S. , then we are your funding solution.

Trust a reputable and ethical lawsuit loans company. Call now at 1-888-715-8701 or apply online.


No Credit Check

No Out of Pocket Fees

No Monthly Payments

No Up Front Cost

No Hassle

No Obligation, just for applying

No Risk Accident Loans


No Credit Check

No Out of Pocket Fees

No Monthly Payments

No Up Front Cost

No Hassle

No Obligation, just for applying

No Risk Accident Loans


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